I think this show is great for kids who cant speak English but should not be put on Nick shows.Kids need to learn to speak proper English before they talk Spanish.

We live in America and have enough problems with children speaking English so lets not confuse them any farther. Its bad enough to go somewhere and have someone wait on you that cant speak English but now were raising kids that are going to be having trouble speaking both. My grandparents came from Germany and spoke German in the home and English in public because it is rude to speak other languages in public and I still believe that is true.

So people if you want to live in the USA learn our language and honor it..let our children learn to speak English well first

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First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #816671

So don't watch the show, let the parents who want their children to learn Spanish watch the show.


Here's my two cents (not pesos) :grin

I agree that all foreigners should learn the language if they are coming to live here.It seems to me that Nick is using Dora to educate all americans no matter their heritage.

As an american I would not use Dora to educate my children in language skills. I would rather teach them on my own and make time for that. Parents who don't want to take the time to correctly educate their kids are leaving it up to television and the rest of the world to do this for them. Dora may be used by mexican or spanish immigrants to teach their children both languages.

You are assuming that Nick is only broadcasting to american-english speaking families.So what is the real issue here?


I note that you have some trouble with English yourself: "were raising kids" should be "we're raising kids".That said, we live in a big world.

Learning multiple languages not only expands our minds, but increases our opportunities in life. Most of the people in the world learn at least a couple languages.

I don't think Americans are inherently less intelligent than any other country, although we seem at times to aspire to that goal.Leave your xenophobia in the last century where it belongs.

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